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About me

About me
OK, I think the main topic of this blog should be really clear, isn't it?  It includes everything regarding security, vulnerabilities, wargames, cryptography and a little bit of coding. However, here you will find some information about me, my (research) activities and hopefully some general useful information :-)
All right, I hope you enjoy your visit and of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me :-)
IT-Security Specialist and Freelancer
(For professional IT Security Services see
Schutz eines Netzwerks durch ein Check Point Security Gateway
(Hakin9 - 05/11) - Download
Sicheres arbeiten von unterwegs mit Check Point Abra
(Hakin9 - 07/11 & Hakin9 "The best of..." - 01/12) - Download
Identifizieren und Beheben von Sicherheitslücken in Webanwendungen
(Hakin9 - 12/11 & Hakin9 "The best of..." - 01/12) - Download
Aufspüren von CSRF-Lücken - Schwachstellensuche mit dem OWASP CSRFTester
(heise Security - 11/12) - German version
/ English version
XSS-Schwachstellen in mehreren Single-Portalen
(Sicherheit-Online - 02/13) - Article
Vulnerabilities found by me
in 2011
in 2012
in 2013
in 2014
Bug Bounty
Hiking, my dogs, my cats, photography, OpenBSD, IT-Security, Vulnerability Research,
Bug Hunting, Web application security
TV Shows
Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Dr. Who, Sanctuary
and of course The IT Crowd :-)
Metallica, In Flames, Manowar and many more ;-)
The Open Web Application Security Project -
The International Association of Crime Analysts -


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