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Imaging with "Dcfldd"

dcfldd is an enhanced version of dd developed by the U.S. Department of Defense Computer Forensics Lab. It has some useful features for forensic investigators such as:
  • On-the-fly hashing of the transmitted data.
  • Progress bar of how much data has already been sent.
  • Wiping of disks with known patterns.
  • Verification that the image is identical to the original drive, bit-for-bit.
  • Simultaneous output to more than one file/disk is possible.
  • The output can be split into multiple files.
  • Logs and data can be piped into external applications.
The program only produces raw image files.
dcfldd if=/dev/sda hash=md5 md5log=md5.txt hashconv=after \ bs=512 conv=noerror,sync split=2048GB splitformat=aa of=image.dd


Nice free tool from "DiskInternals"

Today, for some reasons I needed a quick access to some older linux partitions. After a quick search on Google I found the "DiskInternals Linux Reader" which seems do the job and which is absolutly free, too :-)
After a quick installation, the tool works like the windows explorer. But remember, the access is "read-only"!
Enjoy yourself!
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