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Check Point Endpoint Security Client - Disconnect after 20 seconds

Check Point Endpoint Security Client  – Disconnect after 20 seconds

After connecting with the new Endpoint Security Client E75.20 or E75.10 to a R75.10 Security Gateway,  the client disconnects after 20 seconds when no traffic is made.
# Workaround 1
  • start a "ping -t" command from the VPN-Client to an IP address in the "VPN-Network"
# Workaround 2

On the SmartCenter server
  • edit $FWDIR\lib\implied_rules.def
  • change "#define ENABLE_TUNNEL_TEST" to "//#define ENABLE_TUNNEL_TEST"
On the Security Gateway
  • add a firewall rule that allows tunnel_test (udp/18234) from the Client-VPN-Network to the Security Gateway
Then install the policy. This seems to work ;-/



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